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Caribbean Vacations – Great value with luxury accommodations and many non stop flights into some areas of the Caribbean. The different islands offer a wide variety of experiences and activities with some of the best beaches in the world. Hispanic, French, Dutch and British influences intersect to form the vibrant Caribbean culture.

Mexico Vacations -Awesome values for any travel budgets with competitive airfare and many non stop flights. A wide variety of resorts matches the tastes of any traveler. Short, non-stop flights provide a appealing variety of setting and experiences without a lot of travel time. From Mayan ruins to beautiful beaches and beyond, Mexico provides a uniqueness found nowhere else in the world.

Hawaii Vacations -High quality luxury resorts with breathtaking surrounds while you enjoy the stunning beauty of the Hawaiian Islands make Hawaii a favorite destination. From secluded retreats to bustling city live, with settings from beach to the rainforest, hula to whale watching, Hawaii has year round appeal with a feeling of being far from everyday stresses, and no passport is needed!

US Vacations - From the spectacular national parks and sun-drenched California coast to the historic landmarks in the East and the charm of the South, we offer tours throughout the United States. Experience New England's brilliant fall foliage, discover Alaska's breathtaking Denali National Park, sit in reserved seats at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, visit the famous memorials in Washington DC, and take part in special events such as the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. Throughout the U.S., trips include behind-the-scenes gems you typically can't do on your own. Spend time with an Amish family; visit a bake shop to sample Hawaii's famous sweetbread; tour the Gloria Ferrer wine caves and enjoy their sparkling wines; take a buffalo safari in Custer State Park in search of bison, elk, and deer; and enjoy an exclusive performance by a professional historian at Williamsburg. These are just a few of the many highlights on our escorted tours throughout the United States.

Europe Vacations - Europe multi-country vacations are designed to allow you to experience and compare a variety of cultures, take in the must-see sights, and make the most vivid memories. From the ancient ruins in Italy and Greece to the spectacular architecture in France, Globus shows you Europe like no one else. Escorted tours include must-see sights as well as special gems and behind-the-scenes activities, such as a woodcarving demonstration in Germany's Black Forest, a pasta party in Venice, a Stein of beer or Spätzi at Munich's famous Hofbräuhaus, a visit to the world's largest flower market in Holland, and much more.

Austrailia & New Zealand Vacations -Head Down Under and experience the magic of Australia and New Zealand, with their breathtaking scenery and vibrant cities. Explore the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, tour around the base of Uluru (Ayers Rock), take the Ghan train through the heart of Australia, cruise on stunning Milford Sound in New Zealand, learn about the Maori and Aboriginal cultures, and explore the fascinating cities. Our tours also introduce you to hidden gems and behind-the-scenes activities, including an Outback barbeque featuring fascinating tales of the Outback and Aboriginal folklore, a tour of the Bondi Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club in Sydney, and a unique lunch on board a historic tramcar as it winds its way through the streets of Melbourne. Sit back, relax, and experience the wonders of the South Pacific.

Central & South America Vacations -Colorful is the best word to describe Central & South America, with the varied history, cultures, historic sights, natural attractions, and wildlife opportunities. From vibrant Rio de Janeiro to the intriguing Amazon Jungle, and from enigmatic Machu Picchu to the fascinating Galápagos Islands and the scenic beauty of Costa Rica, you're sure to have a vacation like no other. Explore the major cities—Rio, Buenos Aires, Lima, Quito, Santiago, and San José—and observe the amazing scenery found throughout Central & South America. Witness breathtaking Iguassu Falls, walk through Monteverde's cloud forest, explore the Amazon Jungle, snorkel with sea life in the Galápagos Islands, and marvel at the Andes Mountains. See the historical monuments and ancient ruins—from Machu Picchu to the moai at Easter Island. Plus, unique experiences, such as a Mother Earth ceremony with a shaman in Peru, a Tango lesson in Buenos Aires, and an Andes Lake crossing. All of this and more await you on our tours to Central & South America.

Asia Vacations Asia Vacations-Discover the beauty of this captivating continent. Walk on the amazing Great Wall of China; explore the ancient ruins at Angkor, built between the 9th and 13th centuries; visit the Buddhist temples in Bangkok; stand in awe at India's Taj Mahal; and see Japan's most famous temples. With our tours, you'll see the must-see sights and experience the must-do activities. We also introduce you to Asia's hidden gems and experiences. Participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony; experience a rickshaw ride through Beijing's hutongs, the city's ancient alleys; take a cyclo ride through Hanoi's Old Quarter; participate in an Almsgiving ceremony in Thailand, where you'll have the chance to present alms to the Buddhist monks and receive their blessing; and so much more. Don’t just see Asia, experience it!

Africa Vacations -Have you always dreamed of seeing wildlife in its native habitat? Do you desire to learn about new cultures? If so, a tour in Africa is the vacation for you. In Tanzania, admire herds of elephant as they thunder across the savannah grasslands, see a pride of lions lounging in the sun, and witness the free spirit of the birds flying overhead. In Kenya, visit some of the remarkable game reserves to see giraffe, cheetah, zebra, leopard, rhino, Cape buffalo, and much more—all in their native environments. In South Africa, highlights range from the fascinating cities to the enthralling game drives and breathtaking scenery—all of this is sure to offer you an experience of a lifetime. Our Africa tours also include special, exclusive activities. Visit a local Maasai village to get an insight into the local African culture, take an indigenous medicine walk through the forest with a Maasai healer, and visit a chimp sanctuary.

Family Vacations - Everyone traveling on one of our family vacations is part of a family, including kids, parents, and grandparents. Your kids are guaranteed to spend time with other kids, making their time away even that much more fun and enjoyable!

Religious Vacations - Explore the roots of your faith with a religious vacations, featuring some of the most spiritual places in the world. Inclusive escorted tours are full of one-of-a-kind experiences and must-see sites to ensure you get the most out of your vacation. You'll return home inspired and ready to travel again.

Exotic Vacations - You get the best of both worlds - independent exploring with assistance when you need it. With exotic vacations, Monograms offers you the excitement of discovering new cultures, ancient civilizations, breathtaking natural wonders, and vibrant cities.